Baltimore Tai Chi Classes

Our classes are informal, fun, and well organized. Class sizes range from about 10 -20 students with at least two teachers or teaching assistants for each class - that ensures plenty of personal attention for each student. No special clothing is required, however, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and flat soled shoes or socks. We offer cotton soled Chinese slippers for sale in our classes - they are great to wear for class and practice at home. We also offer occasional weekend seminars and other workshops.

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A 10-week course where you will learn the first section of the basic tai chi form as well as qigong and yiquan standing meditation. You will learn the basic principles of tai chi. This course if for those with no prior experience with tai chi or for those who would like to repeat this class in order to review the form.


10-week courses teaching sections 2 and 3 of the tai chi form. You will learn the tai chi form as well as more qigong and standing meditation exercises. It is recommended, but not required, to take these classes in order.


This course is for students who have learned the tai chi form. This class will review the tai chi form bringing increased awareness to the fundamental principles of tai chi practice. You will develop an awareness of chi in the practice of the form. This course will include advanced qigong, standing meditation and some applications of the tai chi form.


Sword, fan and staff are three tai chi weapon forms we teach and are great fun to learn and practice. Each is a beautiful, practical form of self-defense and an invigorating health practice that teaches unique tai chi principles, helps to develop chi energy, and is artistic to do, These classes are offered from time to time and are open to all current and past students. If you are not sure about your eligibility for these classes, please check with Eric on (410) 296 4944.


This practice deepens your awareness of chi and teaches you how to work with a partner, and to apply the principles of tai chi, such as yielding and avoiding use of force, to your daily life.


Learn tai chi and qigong exercises specifically designed for seniors but beneficial for anyone and everyone. All ages are welcome. Students will learn how to apply the principles of tai chi to improve balance and stability, increase strength and endurance, relieve stress and tension, and improve breathing and circulation. Tai chi improves your balance, lowers your blood pressure, increases your energy level, and is proven to decrease your risk of falls and fractures. The Centers for Disease Control and doctors all over the world recommend tai chi for seniors.


Although we recommend that every student also attend our regular group classes, private lessons are available to further your practice. Contact us for details.


Occasionally, we offer weekend workshops with special guest tai chi or qigong masters. In addition, we offer tailored 'wellness' programs including tai chi, qigong, and other stress management techniques. If you, or your organization, are interested in organizing a wellness session, please contact us for details.


Whether you are a beginner coming to tai chi for the first time, or a more advanced practitioner, we have plenty to offer. Our courses include teaching of the following:

  • Tai Chi Form - a series of movements practiced in slow motion. Practicing the form teaches you the fundamental principles of tai chi. The tai chi we teach is called the Yang Style Short Form. 'Yang' refers to the family of origin in China.
  • Qigong - ancient Chinese exercises combining movement and breathing to increase and circulate our internal energy - chi, or qi - and promote deep relaxation.
  • Standing meditation (yiquan's zhan zhuang) - develops chi, or qi, focuses the mind, and provides the foundation for tai chi practice.
  • Tai Chi Staff - a beautiful and practical form of self-defense and an invigorating health practice.
  • Tai Chi Sword - a joy to practice and beautiful to watch. Tai chi sword further develops and extends the awarenss of chi (qi) and lifts our spirit!
  • Tai Chi Fan - incorporates dramatic rhythm and timing into a smooth-flowing health and martial arts practice. It's a lot of fun!
  • Sticking Hands (Push Hands) - a practice that deepens the awareness of chi, or qi, and teaches us to apply the principles of tai chi to our daily lives. You will learn how to deal with the world outside, while remaining balanced and centered within.




If you practice tai chi for a hundred days, you will see its results. If you carry on for years, decades, and a lifetime the benefit will be enormous. If you achieve health, you can eliminate illness; if you eliminate illness, you can live a long life." - Wu Guozhong

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