December 1 Tai Chi Fan Workshop - New Time/Location

Posted by on November 12, 2018

Baltimore Tai Chi is offering a special workshop in the beautiful art of the tai chi fan from 9.30am-noon on Saturday, December 1 in the Dance Studio at Bryn Mawr School.

The tai chi fan incorporates dramatic rhythm and timing into a smooth flowing health exercise, artistic dance, and martial art. No experience is necessary. Tai chi fan is a great addition to a tai chi practitioner’s tai chi practice. It is a real change of pace from the tai chi form, and it’s a lot of fun. It is incredibly beautiful for giving live performances.

If you have done fan before, this will be a chance to review and refine your fan and practice exercises that will benefit your fan practice.

Tuition: $35 for beginners. $25 for those who have done fan before.

Please confirm your attendance by calling 410.296.4944 or send an email to Payment and registration is on the day at the workshop.

 Location: Dance Studio, Bryn Mawr School, 109 W. Melrose Avenue, Baltimore. Park on Melrose near The Old Gym. Go to for directions and Bryn Mawr campus map.

For more information call 410.296.4944 or email



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