Mindfulness and Tai Chi

Posted by F Newton on June 3, 2018

It is Summer 2018. Daily we are bombarded with upsetting images on the news: people losing their homes to flash floods, wildfires and volcanic eruptions; mass shootings in schools; plastics polluting our oceans; displaced populations trying to find safety and a home in a new country..... and so much more. Meanwhile, we juggle numerous personal responsibilities and challenges related to our jobs, families, friendships, relationships, interests, hobbies and our health. We are faced with limitless choice, 24 hour communication possibilities, opportunities to learn new things, and incessant change. Our minds are full of everything we are coping with. This image pretty much says it all!

Yet, through the practice of tai chi, despite the business that surrounds us, there is a route to clarity and calmness of mind. An opportunity to become more focused and to renew our energy and sense of purpose. A path where we become more aware of, and delight in, everything around us. Through tai chi, we become one with the world around us. We notice the warmth of the sun and the breeze as it swirls through the leaves of the trees.

Tai chi doesn't require that we think or worry. Just that we do it.

If you would like to be more mindful by trying tai chi, you can sign up for one of our beginners classes. See our Schedule page for details.



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